Girl Next Door Realistic Vagina

girl-next-door-realistic-vaginaPocket Pal Pussy ($19)

A realistic pocket masturbation sleeve that is richly detailed in its outer appearance, and sensuously layered with nubes and stimulating texture along its inner love canal.

Those beautiful pussy lips are so inviting – a great little toy that you can take anywhere with you for instant relief!

Pipedream Fuck Hole

fuck-holePipedream Fuck Hole ($39)

‘Ladies of the Night’ Extreme Fuck Hole from Pipedream, this masturbation sleeve is intended to be used and abused like a little whore…time and time again!

This shamless slut even glows in the dark as you bang it without even having to ask her!

A great little sex toy that will keep you content for years.

Geisha Girl Flesh Sleeve Masturbator

geisha fleshGeisha Girl ($20)

Enjoy the most fantastic climax you ever thought possible whith this beautiful Geisha Girl flesh sleeve masturbator.  Your very own Japanese sweetheart to cum inside whenever you want.  This 6″ masturbation sleeve is duel entry – pound her sweet pussy then explode your load inside her tight anus, this girl is always willing and always ready!  Great value for just $20.

Blossom Masturbation Sleeve

Blossom Masturbation Sleeve

Blossom Masturbation Sleeve – $24

The Blossom Sleeve is a popular male masturbator that is lightweight, stretchy, good quality, and yet very low priced at just 24 dollars from Babeland.  This toy has garnered some terrific reviews from satisfied customers (near perfect ratings after 39 reviews at Babeland) and it’s easy to see why at such a good price for a quality male sex toy.

The Blossom is only 4″ long so if you’re lucky enough to have a large penis it might not feel quite long enough,but for the rest of us, this is as good a masturbation sleeve as you’re ever likely to get at the price.

New Fleshlight Masturbation Sleeves

The Fleshlight Girls range of realistic pornstar masturbation sleeves continues to grow with the addition of both new girls and new interiors and packages.

Delicious teen pornstars Ravon Riley and Lupe Fuentes have become the latest to have their love holes turned into pocket pussies.  It gets better.  Not only can you fuck Little Lupe’s tight pussy, you can pound her even tighter back entrance as well.  The Lupe Fuentes ‘Two in One’ pack of pussy and ass costs just $119.95.

All of the Fleshlight girls sleeves are made from patented Superskin, which feels even softer to the touch than real human skin.  For extra realism, Superskin also retains its warmth after simply running your Fleshlight through warm water.

Click to view the complete range of Fleshlight Girls Masturbation Sleeves

Fleshlight Masturbation Sleeves

Fleshlight pocket pussies are perhaps the most popular brand of masturbation sleeves on the market today.  The basic idea is that at one end of the Fleshlight is a highly realistic artificial vagina (the masturbation sleeve), and at the other end a case that resembles the back of a torch, enabling you to masturbate easily and cleanly just about anywhere in private.  In fact the Fleshlight has been designed to resemble a torch so that it can be carried around discreetly.

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To learn more about these masturbation sleeves click here to read the Fleshlight Buyers Guide.

Vaginium Masturbation Sleeve

Vaginium Masturbation Sleeve – $18.85

Click to buy this masturbation sleeve
Click to buy this masturbation sleeve

Once you’re inside this beautiful little masturbation sleeve, you sure won’t want to come out!  The Vaginium masturbation sleeve is slippery when wet and warms to the touch.  It also has stimulating inner rings and stretches to accomodate any length.  At under $20, this is one of the best masturbation sleeves out there.

Ass to Mouth Masturbation Sleeve


From: Fascinations

A masturbation sleeve with a difference – doubles as a mouth AND an ass sex toy. Go straight from banging her tight ass to unloading in her sensuous mouth!

Penis Pump Masturbation Sleeves


Tight, stretchy, comfortable, and life-like Pure Skin masturbation sleeve that fit most pump cylinders. No powder required.